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Look at What's New? Innovative, Easy to Wear Micromassage Garments for those Problems Areas!
Listening to popular requests from our loyal customers, presents the following problem solver innovations to its Anti Cellulite Micromassage Garments product line. Our anti cellulite garment slimmming accessories work on specific problem areas that are prone to cellulite, swelling, puffiness, sagging and localized fat. Wear these accessories around the house, at the gym, underneath your clothing at work.....our BodiPerferct garments are so comfortable, they can be worn anytime and anywhere- and they do not contain neoprene!

Our accessory line is made with the softest microfiber fabric woven with silver ions which prevent bacteria from proliferating and keep skin healthy, dry, and odor free. This special fabric retains these bacteriostatic benefits permanently, for the lifetime of the garment.

Anti Cellulite Slimming Abdominal Waist Cincher Band with bacteriostatic silver ions
Abdominal Waist Cincher Slimming bandTighten & tone your abs all day with our micromassage abdominal waist cincher belt band knit with our proprietary raised 3 D weft knit.  This belly toning band massages your skin activating the microcirculation, helping to reduce inflamtion, bloating, and localized fat. Provides a sleek shape underneath today’s slim cut fashions and great for hiding that pooch while the belt tones up your abdominal muscles. Great for Post Pregnancy as well to help get your tummy back into shaper more quickly! Loose the belly buldge! Seamless tubular design makes it easy to position the band desired location. It’s invisible under clothing, no uncomfortable clips or laces and no neoprene! Made with silver ions, this bacteriostatic fabric inhibits bacteria and odor formation, making it ideal for everyday use, even for sport.

Color Beige Only

Price: $29.99 (+ 2.50 XXL)     No Sales Tax!



Anti Cellulite Compression Slimming Arm Sleeves with bacteriostatic silver ions
Slimming Compression Arm Sleeves
Say good bye to flabby arms! Compression slimming arm sleeves knit with proprietary raised 3 D weft knit massages & tones stubborn under arm fat and battles saggy underarms, by activating the microcirculation, helping to reduce inflammation, bloating and localized fat. Seamless, zipperless design makes it easy to position the sleeves in the desired location. Made with silver ions, this bacteriostatic fabric inhibits bacteria and odor formation, making it ideal for everyday use, even for sport.
2 Sleeves Per Pack

Price: $22.50 
No Sales Tax!

For more information about how to get of flabby arms, check out our blog
or flabby_arms.pdf
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Anti Cellulite Compression Slimming Calf & Leg Supports with bacteriostatic silver ions

Compression Leg SlimmersLooking for a solution to unsightly calves and puffy ankles? Try our compression slimming calf and leg suppors, made with a highly elastomeric fabric and 3D micromassaging weft knit. Use them for your workouts to help alleviate muscle fatigue while its graduated compression increases blood circulation and prevents puffy legs and ankles. Bacteriostatic fabric keeps away odors while zipperless & seamless design guarantees a comfortable compression fit.
2 Supports Per Pack

Price: $19.99
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