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Wear BodiPerfectTM Anti Cellulite Toning Garments as part of your everyday routine. Sculpt your body with consistent use. See our customer reviews!

Best selling anti cellulite shorts, cellulite reducing leggings, and toning garments in Europe are available in the US!  
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Cellulite plagues women of all shapes and sizes! BodiPerfect ™ Anti Cellulite Micromassage Shorts and Tops firm & tone the appearance of your skin easily and effortlessly, even while sleeping!

The secret to BodiPerfect ™ is its specially molded Raised 3-D weft knit fabric which simulates a continuous massage effect on the body, thereby improving circulation. Better circulation facilitates the drainage of retained liquids trapped in the body, which cause that dimply, bumpy appearance of cellulite!

  • BodiPerfect ™ also functions as a Body Shaper. Made from a highly elastic microfiber compression fabric, BodiPerfect ™ can immediately reduce your size measurements by 1 to 3 inches! Wear it underneath your clothes for a sleeker figure immediately.
  • Expect firmer, more compact skin in just a few days as BodiPerfect ™ boosts circulation which is needed to flush out trapped liquids and toxins that form cellulite! 
  • Unlike other anti cellulite shorts, BodiPerfect ™ does not contain neoprene, latex, or rubber.  BodiPerfect ™ is designed to increase local circulation via micromassage, helping to remove those stagnate trapped liquids that deep massage can accomplish. Additionally, BodiPerfect ™ garments are made with seamless technology and are like a second skin, offering 360 degree freedom of fabric movement...that's comfortable! Other micromassage shorts do not offer this freedom of movement.
  • BodiPerfect ™ is made in Europe using the finest European yarns. Enjoy maximum comfort and durability only resulting from high quality workmanship.
  • Made with silver ions, BodiPerfect garments are bacteriostatic and use a specialized weave to keep orders at bay.

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Raised 3D Weft Knit Fabric creating diversified pressure points & local micromassage effect

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